About Caterham Preparatory School - Introduction

Inspiring Education for Life

Caterham Preparatory School is an integral part of Caterham School and our overall intention is to provide an excellent all-round education so that every pupil can achieve his or her full potential intellectually, physically and creatively.

We aim to provide a sound foundation for boys and girls in a warm and friendly environment. We believe that truly excellent education is about more than academic achievement alone: it is also about developing a passion for learning, moral values, self-confidence without arrogance and genuine interests that extend beyond the confines of the classroom.

We are a family school with Christian values so we believe that the virtues of tolerance, understanding, respect and courtesy really matter.

The School is well served by staff who share this vision. Their dedication ensures that pupils have access to the highest standards of pastoral care and a wide-ranging selection of enriching co-curricular activities. 

Caterham Preparatory School ClassroomAbout Caterham Preparatory School - IntroductionAbout Caterham Preparatory School - IntroductionAbout Caterham Preparatory School - Introduction