ISI Report

ISI Inspection 2016

In April 2016 the School received a Regulatory Compliance Inspection by ISI.
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Headmaster Mr Howard Tuckett writes:
We are delighted to be able to share the findings of the ISI (The Independent Schools Inspectorate) inspection of the school at the end of April which has affirmed the quality of education and care here at Caterham Prep. This inspection was one of the first in the country carried out under a new ISI inspection framework and the report is unlike any that you may be used to. Unlike previous inspections, the inspectors were not at the school to reach a judgment about the quality of educational provision or management, and the reports contain no qualitative judgments – the inspectors are not allowed to use words such as exceptional or outstanding. Instead, they simply decide whether we comply with the raft of legislation that applies to schools in eight discreet areas. You will see from the report that in each of the areas, following a brief narrative, we are told that we have 'met the standard' in all areas. As unexciting as this may appear, it is the highest possible achievement under this current inspection framework and is huge accolade. Across a large number of requirements and regulations covering everything from the curriculum to health and safety, recruitment to governance, boarding to safeguarding, the inspectors found that we complied with every element and that there were no recommendations for the school to do anything differently.

I am enormously grateful to all my colleagues for the consistently high standards they set and to all the pupils for the part they played in making this such a successful inspection, and indeed to all the parents who completed the questionnaires that framed the judgments made by the inspectors. The inspectors spoke privately of how much they enjoyed spending time at such an impressive and friendly school, and although the report is a great affirmation of a healthy and successful school rest assured that we will continue to look for ways of ensuring that the quality of every engagement at the school remains exceptional.

In 2011 our Prep School had an Independent Schools Inspectorate interim inspection.

Caterham Prep School ISI Report 2011

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Highlights from the report.

The pupils' overall achievement is excellent, fulfilling the school's aim for them to attain high academic standards. They make an excellent start in the EYFS and their success in learning is maintained throughout the school. Pupils display excellent levels of knowledge, understanding and skills in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Their competence in speaking, listening, reading and writing is of a high standard, demonstrated in the written work scrutinised and interviews held during the inspection. Pupils communicate with each other and with their teachers clearly and confidently. Their numerical and scientific skills are well developed. Pupils achieve well in aesthetic, creative and physical development subjects. They enthusiastically take advantage of many opportunities for developing skills in these areas, within lessons and during after-school activities. They make good use of information and communication technology, which is now included effectively in all subjects to support their learning. Pupils achieve high standards, particularly in drama, sport and music, and they perform on a wide range of musical instruments. Individuals and teams are successful in local, county and national competitions in tennis, netball, water sports and chess.

The pupils' enthusiasm to learn is supported by a broad curriculum that includes French and Latin along with technical and creative subjects.

The overall quality of teaching is excellent. Pupils' success in academic work, sport and music owes much to the thoughtful, interesting and challenging material used in lessons. The best teaching promotes rapid progress and engages pupils in a variety of learning styles, suited to their individual needs. These lessons are well planned and give pupils the opportunity to learn from each other and to share their opinions and findings.

Pupils of all ages demonstrate excellent personal development. In line with the school's aims, an environment is created in which all pupils are happy and feel valued, and which fosters their spiritual and moral values, and their sense of responsibility. Pupils are friendly and supportive of each other and are welcoming to visitors. They demonstrate great self-confidence without arrogance.

Pupils have a well-developed sense of the spiritual. In line with the Christian aims of the school, pupils are tolerant of different beliefs and customs whilst remaining fiercely proud of their own school and culture.

The pupils' success is strongly supported by the excellent pastoral care that they receive from all staff. Pupils demonstrate excellent understanding of how they are expected to behave.