Preparatory School Teaching Staff
Howard Tuckett, MA Ed Headmaster
Mrs Annie Ingrassia, BA (Hons)Grad DipEd Deputy Head, Art Co-ordinator
Ms Kathy Browett, BA (Hons) PGCE Deputy Head, Director of Music
Paul Groves, BHum (Hons) QTS Director of Studies
Martin Bartlett, BSc (Hons) MA Director of Sport
Mrs Annie Bullen, BEd Year 6, Head of Mathematics
Mrs Kim Connelly, BA (Hons) PGCE Reception (maternity cover)
Mrs Katie Cox, BA (Hons) QTS Reception
Mrs Rosie Deale, BPrimEd DipSpLD Year 3, Geography Co-ordinator
Mrs Jackie Driscoll, BA (Hons) DT & Drama
Jeffrey Dyer, BA (Hons) BSc Year 6
Mrs Sarah Dyer, Bed (Hons) Nursery
Mrs Monique Epperlein, BEd French
Mrs Mel Hudson, BSc PGCE Year 2
Mrs Annie Ingrassia, BA (Hons)Grad DipEd Director of Music
Mrs Alexis Maskatiya, BSc (Hons) PGCE Year 2
Miss Joanna Munnery, BSc (Hons) PGCE Year 5, Head of Science
Mrs Claire Raffield BSc (Hons PGCE Year 1
Mrs Karen Rose, BA (Hons) NPQH PGCE Year 5, Head of English
Mrs Katharine Sharpe CPsychol MSc PGCE SENCo
Mrs Susanna Smith, BEd (Hons) Part-time teacher
Mrs Barbara Thompson, BA (Hons) Year 4, ICT Coordinator
Mrs Karen Thorpe, BA Ed (Hons) Year 3
Ms Patricia Watkins, BA (Hons) QTS Year 4
Miss Karen Williams, BEd (Hons) Girls’ PE and Games

{Brackets} indicate staff on maternity leave

Support Staff
Mrs Janet Bartholomeusz NVQ Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Miss Kirsty Burke NVQ Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lesley Clark, NVQ Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Natalie Charles NVQ Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Miss Lucy Franklin Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kim Haughey NVQ Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jenny Hopkins Sports Assistant
Mrs Sally Anne Jackson, NVQ 3 EY and Ed Teaching Assistant
Ms Pamela Kulp NVQ Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Miriam Nott Teaching Assistant
Mrs Androula Petrou Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lorna Rocha NVQ Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Nicola Rolfe NVQ Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rhona Sparrow Teaching Assistant
Mrs Beverley Pudney, NVQ 3 EY and Ed Teaching Assistant
Mrs Fiona Walker NVQ Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Lunchtime & After School Care
Miss Rebecca Green, BA (Hons) Supervisor
Mrs Sharon Coombes Assistant
Mrs Allison Douglas Pullin Assistant
Mrs Lilian Hall Assistant
Mrs Natalie Harris-Mills Supervisor
Administrative Staff
Ms Kimberley Travers Preparatory School Administrator and PA to the Headmaster
Mrs Sarah Matlock Pre-Prep Administrator
Miss Rachel Wyatt Preparatory School Receptionist


Following the merger with Eothen School in September 1995, Caterham School became associated with the United Church Schools Trust (UCST) but remains a separate charity with its own Trustee body. UCST, which manages a group of notable schools, is an educational charity which was founded in 1883 with the specific purpose of providing for pupils a sound education based on and inspired by Christian principles. It is an Anglican foundation and its patrons are the Archbishops of Canterbury and of York

The trading name for United Church Schools Trust is United Learning, which also encompasses United Learning Trust.

Caterham School is independently managed with its own Trustees, who are responsible for oversight of the day-to-day running of the School and appointing the Head, Bursar and Chaplain (URC); they are responsible for setting the fees and approving the annual budget.

Whilst it remains very much a "local" school, Caterham benefits from its partnership with the schools in United Learning and looks forward to seeing this relationship mature and evolve - making Caterham all the stronger in the face of continued threats and challenges to independent education.

Parents wishing to send a letter to the Chair of Trustees should write to Mr J. W. Bloomer, c/o The Bursar & Clerk to the Trustees, Caterham School – marking the envelope 'Private & Confidential' if necessary.


Mr E Smith (Chairman)
Mr D Charlesworth
Dr S Critchley
Mrs A Crowe
Mr I Edwards
Mrs T Eldridge- Hinmers
Revd N Furley-Smith
Mr J Joiner
Mr B Parnell
Mrs S Whittle
Mrs P Wilkes