Wellbeing: Motivation & Mindset

Wellbeing: Motivation & Mindset

Earlier this year I was contacted by University College London, where I completed my Doctorate in Educational Psychology, to see if I would be interested in speaking about my research at a national conference.  We were not sure whether our submission would be accepted, but it was!  So last week I spoke at the British Psychological Society’s DECP annual conference, which was held in Northampton.   DECP stands for the Division of Educational and Child Psychologists and the purpose of the division is to promote the professional interests of educational and child psychologists and to develop psychology both as a profession and as a body of knowledge and skills. I was joined by another doctoral graduate from University College London whose research was in a similar area to mine.  We talked about the role and importance of motivation and mindset in relation to adolescent literacy and in our session we were able to share our results and discuss the implications these findings might have for Educational and Child Psychologists.  It was the first time I have spoken at a national conference so I was quite nervous, but the audience were very supportive and interested in what we had to say.  During the day I was also able to listen to a number of other presentations on areas such as gender identity, girls and autism and the importance of childhood play.  It was a fantastic experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

Dr Katharine Sharpe

Dr Sharpe will be presenting a talk at the Pre-teen parents’ information evening on Monday 22 June. Dr Sharpe will be joined by experienced staff from the prep and senior school to lead seminars designed to support and highlight common issues arising for pre-teen children.
This event received overwhelmingly positive feedback last year and we hope you will be able to attend

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