Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food

Food is an important aspect of school life and it is important that our pupils take the time to sit and enjoy a delicious and nourishing meal during the course of a busy day at School.

Pupils and staff take lunch in the dining room where they can choose from a wide selection of hot main meals, deli-bar options, freshly prepared salad bar, soup, hot and cold puddings and fresh fruit daily. Vegetarian options are available daily and special dietary needs are catered for as a matter of course.

The School is very aware of its responsibility to provide nutritious, appetising food that is appropriate for growing pupils. We have awarded our catering contract to Sodexo, one of the world’s leading companies in food services.

We are always interested to gain feedback about dining at school so that we can continue to improve the service offered. If you have any suggestions regarding the School’s catering provision, do please contact the Bursar at

An introduction from Sodexo

The health and wellbeing of our pupils is of paramount importance to Independents by Sodexo and we understand that good nutrition is vital in helping them achieve their best in and outside of school. We take special care in the selection of ingredients and produce for our recipes, to ensure that the provenance of our food is second to none. The meals we provide are developed to be appealing and appetising to the pupils and we do all of this with a focus on sustainability, seasonality and provenance.

Our chefs are highly-skilled and produce quality, nutritious meals from scratch using the best ingredients. Through our close relationships with our suppliers, our chefs are able to visit and talk to them about the produce they are using every day.

We set our standards very high. We put great emphasis on cooking from scratch and do not use pre-prepared dishes. The meat we purchase is Red Tractor certified and we are proud, as a company, of the partnerships we have with farmers. It is not just our fresh meat which is Red Tractor certified, all of our fresh milk and cream is too. The use of free range fresh eggs is the norm at Independents by Sodexo and we encourage our chefs to use the best cheeses from their particular region. Fresh, nutritious seasonal food is what we strive to provide and that is why we use the best of British seasonal fruit and vegetables where we can.

Fresh bread, baked daily on site, is standard practice and only when we cannot produce speciality breads on site will we source these externally and always from local bakers.

We help the pupils, adopt a healthier diet by using only lean cuts of meat, trimming all excess fat before cooking and only using rapeseed oil for cooking and olive oil for dressings. We use herbs as an alternative to salt to reduce the level of salt in our meals.

As a business, we are proud of our commitment to ethically sourced products. We work with a number of recognised international, national and local organisations such as the Fairtrade Foundation, the Rainforest Alliance and the Marine Stewardship Council to identify and source fairly traded and ethically sourced products and develop permanent offers and activities to promote them. At Independents by Sodexo our chefs only use fish from sustainable sources and are encouraged to use Omega3-rich fish as often as possible.